Demystifying Pediatric Cataract (1st July 2018)

Session I: Evaluation, Investigation of pediatric cataract
Time Topic Speaker
(Session Chair: Dr Ken Nischal, Dr Vivek Warkad)
8.30-8.55am Welcome address Suryasnata Rath
8:35-8:45 am Morphology and etiology of pediatric cataract (Pictoral presentation) Mithila Negalur
8:45-9:05 am When to suspect systemic involvement in pediatric cataract Ken Nischal
9:05-09:20 am Calculation of IOL Power Sumit Monga
9:20- 09:35 am Cataract surgery with IOL implantation <1 yr Vs >1yr Siddharth Kesarwani
9:35- 09:50 am Evaluation of non cataractous pediatric lens disorders Virender Sachdeva
9:50-10:30am Interactive session Questions from webinar for each faculty  

10.30 am - 11.00 am Coffee Break

Session II: Surgical management of pediatric cataract
Time Topic Speaker
(Session Chair: Dr Ken Nischal, Dr Virender Sachdeva)
11:00-11:15 am Step by step Pediatric cataract surgery Rasheena Bansal
11:15-11:30 am Intra operative complications and Management Niranjan Pehere
11:30-11:50 am Difficult case scenarios: I (Calcified thick capsule, Post-lenticonus) Ramesh Kekunnaya
11:50- 12:05 pm Difficult case scenarios: II (Cataract surgery in anterior segment disorders) Muralidhar Rammapa
12:05-12:25 pm Difficult case scenarios: III (Traumatic cataract, subluxated lens) Ken Nischal
12:25-12:40 pm Post-operative complications and its management Akshay Badakare
12:40-1:15 pm Interactive session  

01:15-2:00 pm Lunch Break

Session III -What's new in pediatric cataract?
Time Topic Speaker
(Session Chair: Dr Ken Nischal, Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya)
2:00-2:15 pm Management of surgical aphakia Uppal Gandhi
2:15-2:35 pm Role of Intra operative OCT in pediatric cataract Ken Nischal
2:35- 2:50 pm Zepto Laser Capsulotomy in pediatric cataract Vivek Warkad
2:50 -3:10 pm Neuro-visual processing after delayed pediatric cataract surgery Ramesh Kekunnaya
3:10-3:30 pm Debate: Multifocal /Accommodative IOL
what is the future?
Speaking for
Jenil Sheth
  Speaking against Rajat Kapoor
3:30-3:50 pm Interactive session  
3:50-4:05 pm Vote of thanks Vivek Warkad

4:05-4:15 Coffee and end of session