Parent support Forum

What is the aim of the forum?

  • Empower parents and care takers
  • Provide common platform to share thoughts and ideas
  • Support each other in times of good and bad

When and how frequently the forum meets? How the forum functions?
The forum meets once a month, usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month between 2.00pm and 4.00pm

How the forum functions?
The forum begins with the recapture of previous meeting. The parent coordinator who leads the forum reads out the action items of the present meeting. The members discuss among themselves each of the items and derive solution. The unresolved pending items and further action items are listed and discussed further. The members representative of a particular area of concern take the lead to discuss the pending issue with expert concern and get back to the forum during the next meet.

What are the common issues discussed in the forum?
The common issues discussed in the forum are related to education (such as school admission, selection of learning media, educational materials), rehabilitation intervention (information on special educator, training details, devices), Employment (types of jobs their wards can do, problems at work place, attending interviews etc.,) Subject knowledge (information on Braille, mobility, DLS), Behavioral issues, Advocacy issues, peer & sibling issues, adolescence issues, issues on personal grooming and much more.

In short this forum allows the parent to ask anything everything that may bother the upbringing of their ward.

How do I address my issue?
The members are encouraged to post their query for discussion to the parent coordinator ( email) The parent coordinator who leads the forum will bring this issue for discussion in the forthcoming parent meet.

How can I become a member? Do I need to pay any membership fee?
Any parent or anybody who wants to help a person with visual disability can become a member. of a child with visual disability can become a member by simply registering their name in the forum. As of now the membership is free.